Deal Strategy and Operations Jobs

Amazing Manager, Deal Strategy and Operations Jobs-2023

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Job Description

Deal Strategy and Operations Jobs

Deal Strategy and Operations Jobs: Mural’s charge is to inspire brigades to connect and introduce, while bringing purpose and intention to the craft of collaboration.

innovated in 2011, Mural is a leading inventor in visual collaboration for mongrel, remote, and distributed brigades. We believe in what we make, and our platoon of further than 600 Muralistas around the world unite in the Mural app. Our values guide our designedly inclusive product and culture, which includes collaboration design education and a flexible yearly paycheck for literacy, heartiness, and coworking.

Tempera has raised$ 200M to date and is growing fleetly to fulfill our charge. The company is trusted by 95 of the Fortune 100, including innovative brigades at IBM, Intuit, GitLab, Microsoft, and Atlassian.

ABOUT THE platoon

The Manager, Deal Strategy and Operations is a member of the Revenue Operations platoon( PMO) within Mural’s Centralized Operations platoon which includes IT, PMO, Data & Analytics, and Business and Strategy Ops. The Manager, Deal Strategy and Operations is the leader of a platoon responsible for developing and executing strategic plans to optimize deal structures, streamline operations, and enhance profitability through pricing and packaging support.

YOUR charge

You’ll unite nearly with colorful cross-functional brigades, including Deals, Finance, Legal, Billing and Project Management, to insure the effective prosecution of deals while aligning with the company’s overall objects.


Lead an engaged and high- performing platoon that supports the profit association of the company
Partner with Deals leadership to design and apply new processes to optimize internal effectiveness and ameliorate the value we deliver to our guests give strategic guidance on deal structures that align to the company’s overall objects.
Maintain a flawless contract operation process from the quotation- to- cash to deal review and billing inflow.
Lead large- scale cross-functional enterprise, partnering with brigades across the association( similar as GTM Systems, Marketing, BizOps, Finance, Product,etc.)
dissect business performance to uncover trends, perceptivity, and openings and also present your analyses and your recommendations to elderly stakeholders in the org


5 times of applicable experience in deal strategy, operations, or business development, rather within the( assiduity/ sector) sphere.
Proven track record of successfully leading and closing complex deals with a strong focus on fiscal analysis and strategic decision- timber.
Exceptional logical chops and the capability to interpret data to make informed and strategic recommendations.
Excellent communication and interpersonal chops, with the capability to unite across different brigades and situations of the association.
1 time of operation, with demonstrated leadership capabilities and experience managing and developing high- performing brigades.
High position of rigidity and the capability to thrive in a presto- paced, dynamic terrain.
Proficiency in using fiscal modeling tools and software(e.g., Excel, Salesforce,etc.).
For places grounded in New York City, California, Colorado, and Washington, the base payment for this part ranges from$ 116,200 –$ 145,300 equity benefits. Compensation offered will be determined by factors similar as position, position, job- related knowledge, chops, and experience. Certain places may be eligible for variable compensation.

Equal occasion

We’ll insure that individualities with disabilities are handed reasonable accommodation to share in the job operation or interview process, to perform essential job functions, and to admit other benefits and boons of employment. Please communicate us to request accommodation.


Your dynamic approach to problem-solving and attention to detail will ensure that every deal is structured to maximize value and mitigate risks effectively. As a collaborative leader, you will inspire and empower your team to excel in their roles, fostering a high-performance culture within the organization.

At the heart of this role lies the ability to understand the intricate complexities of deals while maintaining a broader perspective of our business objectives. Your strong communication and interpersonal skills will enable you to build lasting relationships with internal stakeholders, external partners, and customers alike.

By joining our team as the Manager of Deal Strategy and Operations, you will have the opportunity to make a significant impact on our growth trajectory and contribute to the overall success of our company.

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  1. What is the role of a Manager of Deal Strategy and Operations?
    • The Manager of Deal Strategy and Operations is responsible for analyzing market trends, identifying business opportunities, and negotiating deals to optimize revenue streams and create lasting partnerships.
  2. What are the key responsibilities of this role?
    • The key responsibilities include conducting market research, assessing deal potential, crafting strategies, negotiating contracts, mitigating risks, and leading a team of deal professionals.
  3. What qualifications and experience are required for this position?
    • Typically, a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or a related field is required. Additionally, candidates should have several years of experience in deal strategy, operations, or business development roles, with a proven track record of successful deal closures.
  4. What skills are essential for success in this role?
    • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, excellent negotiation abilities, strategic thinking, attention to detail, leadership, and communication skills are crucial for excelling in this position.
  5. How does this role contribute to the company’s success?
    • The Manager of Deal Strategy and Operations plays a critical role in identifying growth opportunities and structuring deals that drive revenue and expand the company’s market presence. Their efforts directly impact the organization’s overall success.
  6. What kind of team will the manager be leading?
    • The manager will lead a team of deal professionals, which may include analysts, strategists, and negotiators, working together to execute successful deals and achieve business objectives.
  7. What growth opportunities are available in this position?
    • This role offers significant growth opportunities within the company, including potential promotions to higher-level management positions or other roles in strategy and business development.
  8. How will success be measured in this role?
    • Success will be measured based on the successful negotiation and closure of deals, revenue growth, strategic alignment, and the ability to foster strong partnerships.
  9. Will the manager be involved in cross-functional collaboration?
    • Yes, the Manager of Deal Strategy and Operations will collaborate with various departments, such as sales, marketing, finance, and legal, to ensure deal alignment and compliance.
  10. What is the company’s approach to employee development and training?
    • The company prioritizes employee development and offers training programs, mentorship opportunities, and resources to support continuous growth and learning.

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