Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs

Inspiring Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs-2023

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Job Details

Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs

Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs: At JDA TSG, we equip multitudinous of the world’s major brands with top- league specialized gift, business process moxie and technologies to drive their associations in provocative new directions. What makes us the mate of choice for the most experience- hung up brands worldwide? We apply extensive due assiduity up front to ensure that our armies and gift will be a cultural fit and can make a difference from the veritably launch. And we ’ve established a character for bringing exceptional focus, strictness, and confidence with every client we serve.

We have immediate openings for Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs experts s to join our team as customer engineers( CE’s). This is a remote( home predicated), salaried part with great benefits and a fantastic team. A CE’s time is devoted to working with some of the largest, and most sophisticated companies in the world, generally F1000. You will be responsible for customer satisfaction, deployment, handover, and support of SQL enterprise. They work with and help guests in structure, operating, and optimizing complex enterprise surroundings. You will be a trusted counsel, a specialist the room is looking to for guidance, education and adherence for swish practices, trouble mitigationetc.

Work Details

1. CE’s are home predicated and generally deliver services via Microsoft armies.

2. Salary Range$ 100K-$ 120K predicated on experience.

3. Primary work includes

4. Standard Product Work Shops- Training

5. In- Depth Product Reviews White Board( Chalk Talk) Sessions

6. Health Checks Assessments

7. Post functional Review of Product prosecutions

8. Product Upgrade/ Migration Assessments

9. Systems Performance Reviews

Act as the primary technical contact, furnishing customer visibility, advanced technical support, and problem resolution for marketable guests, including issues raised to the topmost situations of operation


The experience you ’ll need to exceed for Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs

Enterprise position support and administration concentrated specifically with the following Power BI, SQL performance and tuning optimization, core sql migration on prem and pall, Azure data lake, Azure data factory, and Synapse.
Strong Business wit/ Business concentrated Technology Application
contenders must be suitable to work independently
all performances of SQL Garçon( 2012 and onwards)
working performance problems, query tuning, and optimization
Delivering and/ or penning technical training
SQL Garçon Integration Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Services
Expert position of Microsoft enterprise software product offerings
Effective knowledge chops
factory well in a team terrain
Advanced Microsoft instruments preferred

Specialized Chops you should bring to the position include Development experience in Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs

1. SQL Garçon Reporting service
2. SQL garçon Integration Service
3. SQL Garçon Analysis Service
4. Data modeling and database design.
5. Indexing strategy
6. Performance Optimization and Tuning Capabilities
7. Partitioning data prosecutions
8. Metadata operation and repository operation.
9. Database schema creation and operation.
10. Provisory and recovery.
11. icing data integrity.
12. icing High vacuity and Disaster recovery.
13. SQL law reviews with capability to dissect query plan, T- SQL law
14. Sargability of statements
15. Procedural chops
16. Data security
17. Data Encryption
18. Auditing
19. Replication of data
20. SQL Edition and interpretation differences with discontinued and disapproved features
21. Upgrade process
22. storage operation ways.
23. Data Engine Capacity planning.
24. General database operation, Policy predicated operation
25. Extended events and Traces
26. introductory Licensing and support scripts


At JDA TSG, our core values give the frame that allows us to continually concentrate on what made us successful in the first place. fairly simply, our values inform everything that we do. We knew from day one that if we hired smart, passionate people and handed them meaningful yet challenging places, we will thrive as an association. We are agitated to be also, doing meaningful work.

We are committed to a different and inclusive factory. We know diversity makes our team stronger, producing extraordinary results for our company our guests. At JDA TSG, everyone is valued and empowered to succeed.

Benefits and gratuities for Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs

Healthcare- Comprehensive content for you and your family

Hand backing Program- Get support when you or your family need it with comforting and guiding

401K with company match

Paid time off

Paid motherly leave

Volunteer Day Off

Life insurance- cover your loved bones
and their future

Business trip accident insurance

JDA TSG is an equal occasion employer. All good applicants will admit consideration for employment without regard to age, strain, color, family or medical care leave, gender identity or expression, heritable information, nuptial status, medical condition, public origin, physical or internal disability, political cooperation, defended doyen status, race, religion, commerce( including gravidity), sexual exposure, or any other characteristic defended by applicable laws, regulations, and bills. We also consider good applicants anyhow of lawless histories, harmonious with legal conditions. We are interested in every good candidate who is eligible to work in the United States

 Conclusion for Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs:

In conclusion, Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs offer exciting opportunities for individuals interested in leveraging their technical expertise and communication skills to help organizations harness the power of data and make informed business decisions. As a Power BI Customer Engineer, your primary responsibility will be to provide technical guidance and support to clients, enabling them to effectively use the Power BI platform.

Key aspects of Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs include:

  1. Technical Expertise: Customer Engineers should have a strong understanding of the Power BI platform, including data modeling, report creation, data visualization, and integration with other tools and services.
  2. Client Interaction: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are essential as Customer Engineers will regularly interact with clients to understand their needs, troubleshoot issues, and provide solutions.
  3. Problem-Solving: The ability to identify and resolve technical challenges faced by clients is crucial for success in this role.
  4. Training and Onboarding: Customer Engineers may conduct training sessions and workshops to help clients get started with Power BI and ensure they are making the most of its capabilities.
  5. Continuous Learning: Given the dynamic nature of technology, staying up-to-date with the latest Power BI features and industry trends is essential.
  6. Collaboration: Customer Engineers often work closely with cross-functional teams, such as sales, support, and product development, to provide holistic solutions to clients.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. What is a Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs?

Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs is a professional responsible for providing technical expertise and support to customers using Microsoft Power BI. They assist in implementing Power BI solutions, troubleshooting issues, and ensuring smooth adoption and usage of the platform.

2. What are the key responsibilities of a Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs?

Key responsibilities include:

  • Collaborating with customers to understand their business needs and translate them into effective Power BI solutions.
  • Designing, developing, and implementing Power BI reports, dashboards, and data models.
  • Providing technical support, resolving issues, and addressing customer inquiries related to Power BI.
  • Conducting training sessions to educate users on Power BI features and best practices.
  • Staying updated with Power BI updates and enhancements and sharing this knowledge with customers.

3. What qualifications and skills are required for Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs?

Common qualifications and skills include:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (such as Computer Science, Information Technology, or Data Analytics).
  • Proficiency in Power BI, including creating reports, data modeling, and DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) language.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot technical issues.
  • Good communication skills to interact with customers and explain technical concepts clearly.
  • Familiarity with SQL databases and data manipulation.
  • Project management and organizational skills to handle multiple tasks efficiently.

4. What’s the typical career path for a Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs?

The career path can vary, but it might involve starting as a Junior Customer Engineer or Support Analyst, then progressing to a mid-level Customer Engineer. With experience and additional training, one can advance to a Senior Customer Engineer or a specialized role within the Power BI ecosystem, such as a Solution Architect or Technical Consultant.

5. How important is customer interaction in Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs?

Customer interaction is a crucial aspect of this role. Power BI Customer Engineers work directly with clients to understand their requirements, address concerns, and provide effective solutions. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate technical information in a user-friendly manner are essential.

6. Is coding experience necessary for a Power BI Customer Engineer?

While coding experience is not mandatory, a basic understanding of programming concepts can be beneficial, especially for writing complex DAX expressions and customizing Power BI solutions. Knowledge of languages like SQL, Python, or R can also be valuable when working with data sources and transformations.

7. What’s the significance of staying updated with Power BI developments?

Power BI is continuously evolving with new features and enhancements. Staying updated allows Customer Engineers to provide the latest solutions and guidance to customers, optimizing their Power BI usage and addressing their needs effectively.

8. How does this role contribute to an organization’s success?

Power BI Customer Engineers play a pivotal role in ensuring that customers leverage Power BI effectively to make data-driven decisions. By providing technical support, delivering insightful reports, and enabling users to harness the platform’s potential, they contribute to improved business outcomes and overall customer satisfaction.

9. Are certifications important for a Power BI Customer Engineer Jobs?

While not mandatory, certifications like the Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate or Microsoft Certified: Power BI certification can demonstrate a candidate’s proficiency in Power BI and enhance their credibility as a Customer Engineer.

10. What are some challenges faced by Power BI Customer Engineers?

Challenges can include managing diverse customer requirements, troubleshooting data connectivity issues, dealing with performance bottlenecks, and adapting to evolving Power BI updates. Effective problem-solving skills, collaboration, and continuous learning are essential for overcoming these challenges.

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